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Residential Solar Power.

Going solar brings clean energy home. Solar can power your life, no matter how big or how small your electricity needs. Partnering with SunCommon on a home solar installation project means you’re in the hands of the leading solar installer in the Northeast region. With a number of different design options and solar array placements, we know we can find a look you’ll love. The best part? Your new monthly energy bill will be less what you’re currently paying directly to RG&E… seriously!

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Hear What Customers Are Saying

“The installation of solar panels on our roof was a very positive experience, and I have no hesitation in recommending SunCommon. The installation crew was friendly, efficient, and considerate of us and our neighbors. We trusted the installers to do a good job and to be in our house when we were not there. The installation foreman was a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed and returned my calls promptly even when he was up on another customer’s roof. Overall, this was a very good experience. I’m a big supporter of SunCommon.”
Jim Leunk, 4kW – Rochester

“I have a fair bit of knowledge about solar, and I found SunCommon met or exceeded the bar for every technical concern I raised.”
Dave Shein, 4.2KW – Rochester

“They take great pride in their work…and that shows in everything from the output of the system, to the durability of the construction and even the aesthetics of the installation.”
Robert Dupre, 7.1KW – Ontario

Affordable Solar – Believe It.

SunCommon offers low-interest loan options for solar – with faster payoffs than you might guess. And, with great NYSERDA grants and incentive programs, solar truly is hugely affordable. Bottom line: SunCommon will deliver you a solar project that will lower your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint!

(If you’re wondering, NYSERDA is our state energy agency which offers grants to New Yorkers going solar.)

How Do I Go Solar in NY?

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How Much Does NY Solar Cost?

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How Does Solar Work in NY?

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What Does NY Solar Look Like?

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If you have an electric bill, we have a solar solution for you - right at your home, as part of a community solar array program, or at your place of business. Click the button to learn more and get started.
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