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NY Community Solar Array

New York Commercial Solar

We are the leading authority on commercial solar projects at businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries in Rochester, Central and Western New York and the Northeastern US for that matter. Not only do we have solar and wind projects powering our own offices, but we take pride in providing solar to businesses throughout the Northeastern United States. Just like we do for our homeowners and renters, we make the process of bringing an affordable, clean, solar energy future to your place of business a breeze. SunCommon believes in using business as a force for good and renewable energy plays a huge role in that.

Commercial Solar Installation

As a business owner, you can choose among owning, leasing, or a power purchase agreement to take advantage of this clean, low-cost energy option. A commercial solar project at your business brings huge energy savings. And, it shows your customers, prospects, employees and community your commitment to responsible business practices.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes: SunCommon can streamline the entire solar energy process for nearly any size business. From ski resorts to garden nurseries, pet shops to farms, businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to Go Solar at a rapid pace. SunCommon will design, permit, and install your system. We’ll do all the paperwork, handle the logistics, and even provide financing if necessary as you make the decision that earns long-term savings while doing right by the planet.

Still Cheaper Than Your Utility: Your monthly payment will be lower that what you’re paying now for traditional electricity. Through a combination of high electricity costs, government incentives, and falling costs of solar equipment it is now less expensive to host your own solar array than it is to pay your utility bill every month.

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If you have an electric bill, we have a solar solution for you - right at your home, as part of a community solar array program, or at your place of business. Click the button to learn more and get started.
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