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NY Community Solar Array

Refer Your Business, Get Massive Savings

At SunCommon, we rely heavily on our satisfied customers to help spread the word about the huge benefits of going solar in our region. That’s why we set up a great referral program where you can tell your friends and get a nice reward for doing so!

Now, we’re excited to introduce a brand new way to help move the solar revolution forward here in the Rochester region! It’s called the Commercial Solar Advocate Program, and it could mean HUGE savings on your own personal existing solar bill. How does it work? We’re glad you asked.

You can be a Commercial Solar Advocate

The program is simple–if you put us in touch with the right person at your place of work and your business ends up going solar with SunCommon Commercial Solar, we’ll give you a break on your solar payments.

How much will I save? We’ll credit your own solar system bill $1,500 for every 50kw your business signs a contract for with SunCommon. Think about that–you could go months, years, or, yes, even the entire life of your system without a monthly payment depending on the size of your business’s electric load!

How do I participate? Simply complete the form below with your information and the information of the best contact at your place of work (if available) and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Commercial Solar Options

With SunCommon, businesses have multiple solar options, including:

Own Your Own System: You can put your roof or grounds to work for you with solar panels on site. A seamless process: SunCommon will design, permit and install your system. We’ll do all of the paperwork, handle all logistics, and can even provide financing. Multiple financing options make this option a sound investment that earns long-term savings while doing right by the planet.

Host a Solar Array: We’ll pay you to rent your roof space or land. SunCommon will build a Solar Array on your property. Members of your community can tap into this system through the local utility’s billing system.

Participate in a Solar Array: Benefit from solar energy even if you don’t have the space for an array on site with a power purchase agreement. You’ll save money on your electricity costs for the next 25 years, while supporting clean energy.

Download More Info

Interested in getting some additional information on Commercial Solar from SunCommon? Click the button below to download our information sheet for yourself or to pass it along to the best contact at your business or organization!

Get Started

If you have an electric bill, we have a solar solution for you - right at your home, as part of a community solar array program, or at your place of business. Click the button to learn more and get started.
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