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At SunCommon®, we’re passionate about making solar accessible for homeowners, renters and businesses alike. With no upfront cost, our solar financing offers a lower monthly bill than what you’re paying your utility, saving you thousands over the life of your solar energy system. Affordable solar in New York State is here.

We’ve got your back. Like everything we do, our financing and approval process is customized, painless and customer friendly. In fact, we take care of everything except for a few signatures on the dotted line. Our SunCommon team presents your options in a clear and concise way, so you’ll know exactly what to expect (and what you can expect to be saving!).

1  Own Your Solar Panels

Low Interest: SunCommon is proud to offer affordable local financing, including GreenSky and NYSERDA loan options ranging from 5 to 15 years with rates as low as 3%.

Low monthly payment: SunCommon can provide your solar at a monthly payment that is equal to or less than your current RG&E bill. Our average customer pays off their system in 5-8 years.

Cash: Some customers choose to pay for all or some of their solar installation up front. Up to you!


2  Membership in Community Solar

You can join a Community Solar Array (CSA), the first of its kind in Rochester, with a monthly payment for guaranteed savings. The CSA membership is our most flexible offering – you pay as you go – making this a great option for renters.

I have had a number of crews here to do work on my home over the years, and the SunCommon crew was far and away the most professional and considerate I’ve ever worked with. My solar installation was carefully planned and executed and I was kept appraised at every stage. The work crew and project manager were careful and considerate of my property. In fact, I have been impressed with SunCommon’s level of expertise and professionalism at every stage. Coming from a family that has been involved with appropriate/sustainable technology for nearly forty years, I have a fair bit of knowledge about solar, and I found SunCommon met or exceeded the bar for every technical concern I raised.
Dave SheinRochester SunCommon Customer
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