Meet Otie Filkorn

Otie Filkorn solar trainingComing from the land of Hollywood production it is no surprise that Otie can handle just about any challenge thrown her way.
Otie has the job that everyone admires yet, no one covets! As traffic coordinator she has the responsibility of juggling people’s expectations with logistics that she has no control over. With the type of situations that could break someone’s spirit – we have yet to see Otie show any signs of defeat. She tackles every problem with determination and a positive attitude – Otie is amazing!
Otie is an active and proud resident of Richmond, Vermont where she lives on 10 fruitful acres with her husband, two kids and puppy.

What made you leave Hollywood for Vermont?

I looked around for role models for my next rung on the Hollywood career ladder and realized these were not my people! I missed my friends, I missed the seasons and I was ready for a new challenge. Now that I can get a good taco in Vermont, all the pieces are in place.

How does your experience on movie sets translate to your current position at SunCommon?

As an assistant director, I thrived on schedules, budgets, interesting people, new twists on routines, new ideas, problem solving, and a laugh or two. My job was to build a structure strong enough to support improvisation and deliver magic on-time and under budget. It’s more or less the same idea here managing solar installations, but much easier hours!

What excites you most about what we are doing as a company?

Otie and team Perfection

I’m excited about making a difference in our world. I’m excited about helping people produce renewable energy in their homes. I enjoy talking with and learning about the many ways that our customers are drawn to this opportunity and I love how our local utilities and the State of Vermont are supporting our customers’ desire to produce renewable energy for the grid. I’m so happy that I’m able to be a part of this process. And, I really like what we are building as a company – I love being surrounded by a bunch of smart, engaging people who are all pitching in and collaborating to create a productive; yet, rewarding and fun place to work.

What’s your favorite home appliance?

Our manual coffee grinder and the fact that my kids love to use it to make me coffee!

Give a shout out if you’ve worked with Otie! How did she help you make going solar easy and fun?

Meet the SunCommon team.

In just a few years, SunCommon has grown into Vermont’s largest residential solar business having served over 3000 Vermonters.  We grew quickly, with a community organizing approach to marketing, via high-touch, personal interactions with home and business owners. Our team is what makes us and our approach so unique.


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