Meet Jacob Flanigan!

Combining his years of experience, commitment to Photovoltaic and super positive demeanor, Jacob Flanigan makes for an ideal lead solar designer. He has the highly important technical job of designing the optimal solar system for your roof. We feel lucky to have Jacob on our team and think you might enjoy learning a bit more about him:

What inspired you to become a solar engineer?

I’ve always liked to build and fix things so that passion led me to take the engineering route in college. My life has also been influenced by environmental and local foods movements. PV caught my attention and it just seemed to be the perfect bridge for my interests.

What’s the most important tool that you use to do your job?

My computer which houses the many design tools I need to design the solar system just right for that home.

What is the most fun and most rewarding part of your job?  

As Lead Designer, I enjoy helping guide the design team, teaching others what I know and ensuring every design is engineered right.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Some homes present challenges so it’s like solving a puzzle to get folks the solar they want.

How do you keep busy when you’re not designing solar installations?

Music: I play with a community samba band, Sambatucada, I’m in the CCV choir, I regularly go to Shape note sings, and I try to get friends together to sing and play music.

Gardening: Every opportunity I can I garden:  creating beautiful perennial beds at my apartment, helping in my mother’s back yard, and I’ve been maintaining a plot in the interval community gardens for a couple of years now. And now helping to start an employee garden at The Energy Mill where SunCommon is headquartered.

Biking: This is my main means of transportation around town. I’m also trying to get into longer distance biking.

Dancing: I’m a regular at the local Contra dances, but any chance to shake it is welcome.

Eating Ice Cream: Self explanatory, no?

Meet the SunCommon team.

In just a few years, SunCommon has grown into Vermont’s largest residential solar business having served over 3000 Vermonters.  We grew quickly, with a community organizing approach to marketing, via high-touch, personal interactions with home and business owners. Our team is what makes us and our approach so unique.


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