Meet Chris McLernon

Chris McLernonChris McLernon is a solar designer turned evaluator. With a diverse career background – from touring the world with the Coast Guard, to running his own coffee shop – Chris found his passion designing renewable energy systems back in his home state of Vermont. When he’s not out visiting future solar homeowners, he is playing in the woods along with his wife, Johanna and one year old daughter, Lila.


What excites you most about SunCommon’s mission?

More than anything it is getting solar out to the masses. I believe we are opening up the solar PV market to people who have never considered it as an option. Nothing makes me happier than seeing solar on roofs no matter who puts them up there.

How do your skills as a solar Designer play into your current job as an solar Evaluator?

Being a designer has given me the fundamental knowledge about what makes a good site for solar. Understanding all the components of a solar system and the requirements for each site helps set realistic expectations for what solar PV can do for customers.

What is your most memorable site visit?

One recent site visit, I met Jan Renoylds whose house was originally ruled out due to shading from trees but she insisted we come take a look. She was excited to go solar even if it was going to cost her a little more or if she needed to take down a tree or two as she heats with wood. Jan designed her home with the anticipation of going solar one day and her house turned out to be perfectly viable for solar. Jan is a photographer and author with some great stories about her exploits in the Himalayas and other far reaches of the earth. By far the most fun part of my job is meeting great people with widely varying motivations for going solar, genuine enthusiasm for our mission and their own amazing stories to tell.

What is your favorite home appliance?

My Cuisinart Smart Stick hand held blender. I make a smoothie every morning and just recently it broke – making me realize how much I depend on it! Hand held blenders are the way to go – a full sized blender is just over the top!

Meet the SunCommon team.

In just a few years, SunCommon has grown into Vermont’s largest residential solar business having served over 3000 Vermonters.  We grew quickly, with a community organizing approach to marketing, via high-touch, personal interactions with home and business owners. Our team is what makes us and our approach so unique.


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