Faces of SunCommon NY: Meet Luke

We’re so proud of our team here and wanted to give you a chance to get to know who we are – the faces of SunCommon NY. We had a chance to sit down with Luke Spencer, one of our Project Engineers, and it was an absolute pleasure. See what he had to say.

Q: Why should people care about clean/solar energy?

A: “I think people do care about clean, renewable energy and for a variety of reasons. Many people site the need for a cleaner, low-carbon power source as their main reason. Others appreciate how solar energy improves our local economy. Some people are more concerned with issues of depleting resources and conflicts over fossil fuels. All of these are absolutely correct. For me, personally, I can imagine a lot for the future. But, it’s simply not possible for me to imagine a thriving, positive future for humans on this planet without the widespread use of renewable energy systems. It really is essential.”

Q: What impact do you hope to have on the community by working at SunCommon NY?

A: “I think our local community has everything to gain from expanding its use of solar energy. The environmental benefits are clear as we hope to reduce the impacts of climate change. It’s also important to recognize the economic benefits that Rochester & Western New York as a whole could really use – solar creates many more jobs than fossil fuel per kilo-watt delivered. It provides additional revenue streams for businesses and farmers and it’s still an advancing technology that has room left for innovations, which our universities & tech companies can work on. All in all, I hope to see an environmentally and economically healthier Western NY from working with SunCommon.”

Q: What drives you to come into work each morning?

A: “A lot. Besides working for a good cause, I’m constantly encouraged by the people around me. We have a sharp and dedicated team that is always pushing boundaries. We’re not just trying to build as much solar as possible, we’re actively pushing for collaborative efforts in our community and bringing the benefits of solar to people in economically disadvantaged situations. I think the way we build these projects is unique in that respect. It’s incredibly motivating.”

Q: Fun fact. Go!

A: “Gosh I feel put on the spot here… all it takes is that exclamation point and I’m scrambling. I suppose one fun fact about me is that I really like jokes. I know most of us appreciate jokes and may have a few of their own to tell. But I’ve been collecting good jokes (and delightfully terrible ones) for several years and love being able pull one out at an opportune moment. I try to get people around me or people I’ve just met to have at least one good joke they can tell. Its just a fun thing to share with people.”

Thanks to Luke for letting us pick his brain and for sharing a little bit about himself – what motivates him, what his goals & hopes are for the future, and his secret skill of telling jokes:)


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