Faces of SunCommon NY: Meet Mary

We’re so proud of our “family” here at SunCommon NY and we want to give you a chance to get to know who we are and the source of our pride. So, every couple of weeks we feature one of our colleagues in our Faces of SunCommon NY blog series. This week, we chatted with Mary Nicholas, Manager of Community Organizing. She’s a gem. See what she had to say.

Q: Why should people care about clean/solar energy?

A: “Going solar is one of the most empowering actions you can take as an individual to make a positive impact on the local community, economy, and environment.  Climate change requires us to act now, which includes changing the way we energize our homes and the places we frequent – where we work, play, pray, and buy. We can’t expect to achieve the large-scale changes we need until many of us are willing to make the changes ourselves on a grassroots level.

Solar energy makes sense for the masses.  Our customers understand the financial benefits and love the fact that the economics match up with their desire to support local, clean, green energy.  There is no need to decide between solar energy and saving money, the two have become synonymous.”

Q: What impact do you hope to have on the community by working at SunCommon NY?

A: “With the help of customers, various organizations, non-profits, businesses, and co-workers, I hope to help the community understand the affordability and accessibility of solar, ultimately to mitigate the human-induced impact on the climate.”

Q: What drives you to come into work each morning?

A: “Working at SunCommon, a socially-conscious business and certified B Corporation, means that I don’t have to compromise my ethics for a paycheck. I feel fulfilled in terms of what we are working toward, the role I play at the company, and also the co-workers, customers, and community partners I get to interact with on a daily basis.”

Q: Fun fact. Go!

A: “I recently climbed my first high peak in the Adirondacks – Big Al (Algonquin). It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to climbing more! 

One of the main reasons I love living in Rochester is the wealth of poutine in the city.”

Thank you to Mary for letting us pick her brain and for sharing a little bit about herself. Have we mentioned we love our team?!


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