Essex Reporter: Q&A with Duane Peterson, President of SunCommon

Duane-Peterson-1-110713-Oliver-PariniWhen Duane Peterson’s dad returned from combat in World War II, he settled in Southern California. “So I was born in Los Angeles,” the younger Peterson explained, “but I’m still a nice person.”

His father died when he was still a little boy, but the determined Peterson was able to use government aid to attend Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. “I chose it because it was far away from L.A.”

Twelve years after school, Peterson married Laura in 1990; they wanted to start their family in a “clean, safe, friendly place” so they naturally chose Vermont. The family moved to Essex in 1996 when Peterson took a job as Ben & Jerry’s “Chief of Stuff” — someone who “did a lot of stuff” to help Ben implement his creative vision — and they’ve been here ever since.

After a stint as the Board Chair at Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG), Peterson met James Moore. The pair co-founded and now run the 18-month-old solar and renewable energy company SunCommon, which is located in Waterbury Center.



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