Canvassing: First Impressions by Zach Davis

I have only been with SunCommon NY for a short time, but already, my outlook on grassroots organizing and going door to door has transformed. I think there is a stigma surrounding going door to door. You can picture it: the smooth-talking, greasy salesman just looking to rip you off and take your money. At least, that’s what I always pictured when I thought of going door to door. I just pictured countless doors slamming in my face; people running and diving beneath their beds to hide when they saw me coming down the street.

What I imagined, however, couldn’t have been further from the truth. When I go out to speak with the community, I am constantly amazed by how willing Rochesterians are to talk to me about how they can choose solar and help the environment. Even my conversations with the folks who don’t feel ready to choose solar, have me leaving satisfied about how positively most view the work that we are doing here at SunCommon NY.

Whenever I am out canvassing, I get to talk to people about how they can be the good that they want to see in the world. People are always surprised at how feasible solar really is.

I guess I am lucky in that solar energy really sells itself. With all of the incentives New York has in place and the financing we are able to offer, going solar in the western New York is not only viable, but a financial no-brainer!


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