Burlington Free Press — Pop-up galleries: A growing trend in Burlington’s arts scene

…An art show that used the Cherry Street pop-up gallery was organized last summer by SunCommon, a Waterbury-based organization that helps people convert their homes to solar energy. Since its founding a year ago, SunCommon has helped facilitate solar installations for more than 300 families, according to solar community organizer/outreach worker Dan Conant.  A pop-up gallery with artwork inspired by the sun was a useful and appealing event for SunCommon for several reasons, Conant said. It was a “fantastic way” to reach the community, to get the word out about SunCommon’s efforts and interests, Conant said.  “It was a great way to partner with artists, and reach out to a whole new group of people who wouldn’t necessarily hear about us,” he said. “Between artists who were exhibiting their work and people passing by every day — getting them excited about solar and starting to envision it in their homes and in our state — it was an inspirational thing.”  Read the entire story

SunCommon PopUpArtGallery


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