A Brighter Future For Our Community

Our country was founded on the notion that our choices matter. As Americans, we have the right to choose where we live and how we live. Our ability to choose which businesses to support has become an empowering part of our democracy. In honor of the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, one of the best ways to take action is to learn how to choose green energy sources to power our lives.

Solar options today, including Community Solar, exist for nearly anyone who has an electric bill. The ability to choose solar is vital to reducing carbon emissions, strengthening our local grid system, creating local jobs, and saving money. In much the same way that choosing organic milk ensures the purchaser the source of the milk is less taxing on animals and planet, the ability to choose solar ensures the purchaser the Finger Lakes will remain a source of pride and our drinking water remains healthy and clean.

Choose solar to take the most empowering action as an individual against climate change.
Choose solar to create a healthier Rochester.
Choose solar to employ local people who need jobs and a livable wage.
Choose solar so your energy is produced locally
Choose solar because it is easy.
Choose solar and SAVE MONEY.

Educate your family and be a role model to your friends. With action, there is hope for a brighter future!

To find out more on how to choose solar with SunCommon, go to GoSolarRochester.com to start exercising that glorious right to choose! And don’t forget visit us and 46 other local, green groups at the free RocWorthy Festival – 571 South Avenue this Saturday from 11-2pm.


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