5 Common Myths About Commercial Solar Power Debunked for Good

The future of solar power in Western New York is bright, and it’s getter even brighter. Despite their growing popularity, many consumers still have concerns about solar energy and how well solar panels work. Isn’t it too cold here? Aren’t they expensive? Won’t they ruin my roof?

Don’t let common misconceptions about solar power prevent you from missing out on some serious cost and energy savings! Here are five common myths about solar power followed by the facts.

It’s way too cold and cloudy for solar panels to work here
Did you know that solar panels still work in cloudy, rainy, and even snowy conditions? While it’s true that solar panels work best in direct sunlight, there’s still plenty of sun to go around here in Western New York. On sunny summer days, solar panels generate an excess of energy that can then be credited on your utility bill.

Solar panels are difficult to maintain
Solar panels are designed to withstand the elements with little maintenance. Aside from a regular inspection to ensure system performance maintaining a solar array is as easy as removing dirt and debris, such as leaves, a few times a year.

I don’t have enough space on my roof
Don’t prejudge your situation! SunCommon’s solar engineers and installers are experienced in executing a variety of solar installations to match individual budget, style, and need. Whether your roof is flat, pitched, or somewhere in between, SunCommon can find a custom solar array based on your specific requirements.

Making the switch is too expensive and complicated
Not with SunCommon! SunCommon takes the guesswork out making the switch by providing support every step of the way. Not only will we come to you and work to find the best solar solution for your needs, but we also may be able to help with financing. Making the switch is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call.

Solar panels will damage the roof
Contrary to popular belief, solar panels can actually help to preserve your roof by acting as a protective barrier against the elements. In fact, solar panels can even extend the life of your roof in some circumstances. Our team of professional solar engineers and installers are skilled in installing solar panels, causing no damage in the process.

Clean, local, renewable energy is changing the way Western New Yorkers live, work, and play. Whether it’s for your home, your business, or your community, SunCommon has solar power solutions that work for you.


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