Community Solar Advisor

SunCommon built a Community Solar program so Vermonters and New Yorkers can benefit from a single larger solar system. These folks created this exciting program, the first of its kind for Vermont.

Born and raised in the foothills of the Adirondacks, Dustin was attracted to the Vermont lifestyle from an early age and attended Green Mountain College after beginning his collegiate career at St. Lawrence University. After obtaining his degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Public Policy, he worked at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation doing Business Development, and was BPI Certified as an Energy Auditor. Before being hired at his dream job as Sales Advisor for SunCommon, Dustin completed a NOLS semester in Alaska, volunteered with AmeriCorps in Montana and most recently assisted his brother in starting a permaculture company in upstate New York. He enjoys recreational pancake contests, thrifting for hats, and funk music.

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