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Once you decide to go solar you'll meet your Solar Guide! Our Solar Guides work behind the scenes by moving you through our solar process. These folks file all the necessary paperwork and permitting making your decision to go solar easy and fun!

Twenty years ago Denise escaped the suburbs of New York City to live the good life in Vermont and has never looked back. While in Vermont, Denise has had the opportunity to work for such socially-responsible businesses as Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.   Denise became interested in joining SunCommon after her experience as a SunCommon customer and is thrilled to now be able to help others in Vermont go solar.   Denise loves spending as much time outdoors as possible skiing, hiking, running, gardening and kayaking in addition to playing music among Vermont’s traditional Irish music community.   She lives in Jericho with her husband and has two college-aged daughters, one cat, a flock of chickens and entirely too many problems with backyard wildlife predators.

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