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Study Shows Solar Boosts Home Values

by Duane Peterson, SunCommon Co-President Vermonters looking to go solar often ask us at SunCommon about the effect on their home’s value.  For most of us, our biggest lifetime investment is our home and we naturally want to protect it.  There’s a lot to like about going solar, and building on your home investment is […]

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snow on solar panels in Vermont

Featured Solar FAQ: What should I do about snow on my solar panels?

“The first winter with our new solar panels, I went out after every snow storm and meticulously cleaned off our panels.  It was so exciting to have them!  But after the first month, I lost steam and didn’t get around to it.  At that point I realized that the difference in electricity production was just really minimal. […]

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Barn Meter

Featured FAQ: How do you size a solar system?

At SunCommon, we aim to completely replace a home’s electric bill with solar power. To figure out how many panels your home needs, we’ll take a look at your current electric bill and work with you to think through any upcoming changes in your family or to your home that would change your use of […]

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Building a House with Solar in Vermont

While my husband and I explore different pieces of land and imagine our next home in the greater Montpelier area, a large part of our consideration is the potential for solar.  As a member of the SunCommon team, and techie, I take advantage of our company tools and bring a Pathfinder out with us to […]

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Solar FAQ: What Makes for the Optimal Solar Home?

We’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love the idea of saving money and going solar. So, we’ve come to find out that if it were possible, all Vermonter’s would power their house with solar. Unfortunately, not all houses were built with the goal of harnessing the sun’s power. The good news, though? The majority–about […]

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Featured Solar FAQ: Should We Wait to Go Solar?

Maybe better technology will come along. Should we wait to go solar? We live in a fast paced world of technology where nothing is stagnant and “new” is always the focus. Yet for the decades that I’ve been following renewable energy, we’ve always heard that the next big thing was always just around the corner. […]

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Featured Solar FAQ: Vermont Weather

Most Vermonters know that the sun provides us with plentiful, renewable, sustainable and clean electricity. Yet, we’ve heard from many people who wonder if the weather in our northern state works well for solar. The short answer is…yes, you bet! Lots of sun. Burlington gets 83% of the sun that Miami, Florida does.  For real. […]

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